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pixie dust CO LLC


what a little bit of pixie dust does


"Dreams do come true" We aspire to bring wonder and whimsy into your life. 

Your fairytale begins with a coronation ceremony, interactive story time, song and dance, keepsake craft, games, unlimited photo opportunities, magic, everlasting memories, and a little bit of Pixie Dust!



...I will never be able to show you, Madison’s favorite princess friend, how much you have eternally changed Madison’s spirits. You have helped her to feel brave, special, and loved. I cannot begin to thank you enough for your amazing heart and all you do for not only Madison, but so many people. Madison continues to hold dear your words of encouragement to her, you will forever be in her heart. We love and thank you so much.
Simply the best performance, ever! Never have I met someone more devoted to making sure your little one has the most magical and authentic experience of their life!
— Amanda Ely



To deliver the most magical and authentic character experience to your doorstep. We offer the ABSOLUTE BEST in quality, performance, and professionalism. Our Cast is handpicked for their acting, and vocal abilities and trained to immerse your guests in a whimsical world. It is our goal to leave you with smiles, memories, and a little pixie dust that will last a lifetime.

Meet The Owner


"Who says that my dreams have to stay just my dreams?"

It is my dream to inspire imagination, bravery, and kindness in princesses and princes of all ages. With years of acting, dancing, and performing as my foundation along with my desire to make a difference, I've found my true calling. I hope to share my passion for all things whimsical and magical with you. 

I began my path to character performing in Charleston, SC working as a make-up artist, actress, and princess performer.

Now, relocating to Colorado Springs, CO, my husband and I have decided to open our own business to provide the best character encounter our imaginations and experience can provide!